Plagiarism Policy

The journal is strictly against any unethical act of copying or plagiarism in any form. Plagiarism is said to have occurred when large portions of a manuscript have been copied from existing previously published resources. Papers submitted to International Journal of Innovative Research in Computer Science & Technology (IJIRCST) will be screened for plagiarism using Dupli Checker/CrossCheck/Turnitin plagiarism detection tools. If the amount of plagiarised text is greater than 20%, the writers are notified and urged to make changes to their manuscript.

In case a manuscript is found to be plagiarized after publication, the Editor-in-Chief will conduct preliminary investigation, may be with the help of a suitable committee constituted for the purpose. If the manuscript is found to be plagiarized beyond the acceptable limits, the journal will remove the research paper from website immediately. After that no claim will be valid on the publisher or journal. The publisher will not be responsible.

Policy and Action for Plagiarism

International Journal of Innovative Research in Computer Science & Technology (IJIRCST) respects intellectual property and aims at protecting and promoting original work of its authors. Manuscripts containing plagiarized material are against the standards of quality, research and innovation. Hence, all authors submitting articles to IJIRCST are expected to abide ethical standards and abstain from plagiarism, in any form. In case, an author is found to be suspected of plagiarism in a submitted or published manuscript then, IJIRCST shall contact the author (s) to submit his / her (their) explanation within two weeks, which may be forwarded to the Fact Finding Committee (FFC) constituted for the purpose, for further course of action.

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